A Joyous Day of Baptisms

We are so proud of our girls from Cottage 2 who made the decision to get baptized and dedicate their lives to Christ! They were baptized by Pastor Anthony Solano on Sunday, January 30 at Champion Forest Baptist Church – Jersey Village.

Faith is an important part of life at Boys and Girls Country, which was founded on Christian principles. Our founder, Tom Robinson, wrote Jack Brewer, the first Executive Director, a letter (which remains on the wall of the CEO’s office) asking him to “guide the staff in its spiritual activities, which you and I both consider to be the most important effort at Boys Country. I want our boys to leave us as strong dedicated Christians.” Since 1971, many boys and girls came to know Christ while living at BGC.

The choice of baptism is a personal decision that is made by the BGC children. The Cottage 2 girls were each called in their own way to make this life-changing decision.

Zhya felt a calling to be baptized after she went through a difficult time and sought consolation from her teaching parent. She was reminded that God is there for her, and God is going to lead her on the path He has planned for her.

Hannah has actually been baptized before, but she decided to be baptized again.

“I had a really big leap in faith,” Hannah said. “I’ve been reading my Bible more, and I want to devote my life to God, and baptism symbolizes publicly showing your faith. I really wanted to show people this big step in my faith.”

Liya also credits her teaching parent for learning about baptism. Once she understood the meaning behind it, the decision came quickly.

“I wanted to do it because I want to be saved,” Liya said.

Many of the girls mentioned that their teaching parent helped them through struggles by guiding them about how to turn to God in difficult times. It is so important that our kids have Christian leaders in their lives who teach them about the power of the daily Scripture reading and fellowship with the church family and each other.

The teaching parent who worked with the girls was new to BGC and only spent a few months at the cottage, but the results were already fruitful. “I honestly believe that the Lord sent me to BGC for this purpose. I was just being obedient and let the Lord do the work,” she commented after the girls’ baptisms.

It’s a great honor to see our kids commit their lives to following Christ. It takes a village to help our kids grow physically, mentally and spiritually, and we are blessed to have partners like you to keep our mission going. Thank you for your continued prayers for our organization and all of the members of the BGC family.