Alumni Advises Students on Dedication and Persistence

Recently alumni Bryan came to speak to our kids during an education awards ceremony. After each 6 academic weeks we recognize and award our students for their grades and educational accomplishments. Bryan’s talk was inspiring and a great reminder that hard work can eventually pay off.


Bryan lived at Boys and Girls Country from 1979-1985. He told the kids there were more students in FFA than on the Waller football team when he lived at “Boys Country.” When Bryan graduated from high school BGC did not have a College & Career program. He was fortunate to have a scholarship at the University of Houston but other students did not receive that much support. The organization’s resources were very limited.  He told our students how scary it was to go out on his own and reminded them how blessed they are to have support after graduation.


Bryan has worked in television editing and digital media for his entire career. He started with a student job at UH and has gone on to build an amazing career filming sporting events and creating graphics for televised events such as the Superbowl.


Our students really enjoyed his presentation and asked great questions about his experiences and life advice. Bryan underlined, again and again, the importance of dedication and hard work; and the advantages available to our kids at BGC:

“For every one of you here in a chair, there are probably 100 kids who would do anything to be here and have the opportunities you have. You are blessed to be here.”

His family accompanied him on the visit and Bryan was able to take them to the cottage he grew up in. Bryan said nothing had changed and was pleased to see his old cottage home. We are so grateful to Bryan for taking time out of his busy schedule to visit our kids and give back to Boys and Girls Country!