BGC Kids Raise Animals for FFA

This year three of our students raised animals with FFA. Carla and Kaleigh raised goats, and PJ raised chickens. Their projects started in early October, and they just sold their animals in March at the Waller Country Fair. The girls’ animals all brought in more than $1,000 each. The money they raised will be applied to their scholarship account. We are so proud of their skills and determination in raising the animals and taking care of them even during the snow day!




Livestock ranching has always been an important part of Boys and Girls Country life. Our animals bring in additional income when we sell them at auction, and most of the beef and pork our kids eat comes from our stock. We are especially grateful to area businesses who donate animals to us following FFA sales. Right now we have 94 head of cattle and three bulls as well as some goats and lambs.


Students who participate in FFA through Waller ISD  attend the meetings and take an Agriculture Education course. Education Program Manager Kristi Pierce adds, “FFA is excellent for our students because it promotes leadership and hands-on learning experiences for students, as well as career exploration and certification.”

Operations Manager and former resident Jason Duebbe believes FFA participation teaches commitment and responsibility. “The kids are solely responsible for the care and exercise of their animals. BGC buys the feed and medicine, but it’s up to the students to raise the animal. The project is a huge confidence builder, especially on the day they walk into the show arena, sell their animal, and realize all the hard work they put into their project,” Jason shared.

4.4.16_CW39 Video Shoot_(34) Jason Duebbe

We are especially grateful to our donors and supporters who got into a friendly bidding match during the sale. Our girls were amazed by how much money their animals raised. We cannot thank you enough!