Congratulations to the Class of 2021!

We are so proud of our Class of ’21 seniors who persevered through a very difficult year to reach the high school finish line. Graduation is a wonderful accomplishment and a stepping stone to achieving dreams and defying the past. Thanks to your support, our kids have had the chance for a healthy childhood and many wonderful opportunities. As you read about our amazing graduates, please say a prayer for their futures, with God guiding them every step of the way.


Alan was nervous about graduation but also very excited about the next stage in his life. At school, he participated in Color Guard and art, as he had always been very creative. He will miss quality time with his teachers and school friends. BGC helped Alan thrive and enjoy his hobbies: drawing, reading and exercising. He shared that his teaching parents made the greatest impact on him because they taught him how to be focused on his goals. Alan says that without BGC he would probably not be alive because he used to be very depressed and hang out with the wrong crowd.

Favorite Scripture: 2 Corinthians 5:17


Brandie was very excited to graduate and start college. In high school, she acquired a Pharmacy Technician certificate, and she is going to Lone Star College to become a Veterinary Technician. In the seven years that Brandie has lived at BGC, she acquired many memories she will cherish because they included her younger brother. Whether it was treating him to lunch or spending Christmas together, she is grateful for the safe family environment that BGC provided for both of them. Brandie was proud to be baptized in 2019 at a church camp. Her teaching parents made a significant impact on her life because they taught her how to communicate properly and control her anger.

Favorite scripture: Romans 5:8


Estifanos has lived at BGC for seven years. At school, he was involved in cross-country running, soccer, football, wrestling and track. He enjoyed having a normal childhood at BGC, where he could play video games, basketball and hang out with his cottage brothers. His favorite BGC memories include playing Sardines in the dark with his cottage family and going on vacation to Galveston. He is thankful that BGC provided structure and positive influences in his life.

Favorite Scripture: Philippians 4:13


Evelin shared that high school was tough, but she will miss her teachers and friends. She was involved in FCCLA, band and Spanish Club. She is grateful for her BGC cottage, who became her second family. Together they had birthday parties and cottage vacations, which will always be the highlights of her life here. Thanks to living at BGC, she did not have to worry about earning money to provide for her family but rather enjoy her childhood and take advantage of the opportunities that have come her way.

Favorite scripture: Jeremiah 29:11


Kaleigh, also known as “The Goat Girl”, has lived at BGC for almost 13 years. Since she was little, Kaleigh was involved in a variety of after-school and on-campus activities like FFA, 4H, Waller County Jr. Fair Board, Teen Court and Leadership Council. She always took advantage of opportunities, making her high school years busy but fun. She will miss her teachers and friends. Kaleigh is grateful for the loving home that BGC became, for the memories of going on a hunting trip, being baptized and singing karaoke. Her dream is to get a degree in criminal justice.

Favorite scripture: 1 Timothy: 4-12


Although the pandemic disrupted many normal high school experiences, Luke is grateful for the memories of Friday night football games. He enjoyed his high school experience but is also excited to start his journey to becoming a first responder. While living at BGC, Luke was involved in Waller High School football and Accounting UIL. In his free time, he cycled and played sports with other kids. Luke is grateful for his teaching parents who guided him through various challenges and never gave up on him. Luke said that without BGC, he would not have a real family and most likely be in a bad place right now.

Favorite scripture: 1 Corinthians 13:11


Mekdelawyt enjoyed her high school years and the support she received. She had fun being a part of Color Guard and theatre at school, and she learned a lot from those experiences. She understands how challenging the next step will be, but she is well-prepared to tackle it. She is grateful for many people who cared for her at BGC, especially her teaching parents and mentors who helped her overcome tough times. She will always cherish the memories of going to D.C. with her cottage family and decorating the campus for the Tour of Lights every Christmas. Mekdelawyt shared that without BGC she would most likely be homeless and never know what a truly loving family is like.

Favorite Scripture: Isaiah 1:17


Mimi enjoyed her high school experience, staying busy with Color Guard, choir and National Honor Society. Growing up at BGC was a blessing to her, and she is grateful for her teaching parent who became a mother to her. She appreciates the family environment that BGC provided and many campus traditions, especially Tour of Lights. Mimi’s most cherished memory is going on vacation to Colorado with her cottage. Mimi believes that life is what you make it and hopes to become a therapist one day.

Favorite scripture: Jeremiah 29:11


Sophia’s high school years were difficult, but she says they made her hard-working, confident and determined. She will miss high school events and getting ready for dances. In her free time, she enjoys writing, baking and playing with animals. Sophia is grateful for the support she received at BGC and the guidance of the counselor who helped her to improve the relationships with her family. She shared that without BGC her life would be full of anxiety and stress, but now she is hopeful for the future. Sophia’s favorite memory is her 17th birthday party at BGC where she felt loved, appreciated and cherished.
Favorite Scripture: Philippians 4:16


Stephanie had a wonderful time in high school and received a Pharmacy Technician certification. She enjoyed playing on the volleyball team, doing Color Guard, and participating in National Honor Society. As a staff child, Stephanie considers herself blessed to live at BGC. She built many important relationships here and cannot imagine her life without them. She loves BGC traditions, especially the High Rollers Toy Run and Spring Festival. Stephanie is excited for her life as an adult, and she hopes to build a career in the medical field.

Favorite Scripture: Zephaniah 3:17