Cora’s Fight for Education

Cora has a contagious smile and is one of the happiest kids at Boys and Girls Country. She has a shy personality but is very open-hearted. There is a sense of gratitude that resides within Cora’s heart. She rejoices that she survived her past and now calls Boys and Girls Country her home.

The first 16 years of Cora’s life were filled with the fear of being hurt or raped. She survived one day at a time hoping to be rescued. Her stepfather abused her both physically and emotionally. She could not comprehend how a person who is supposed to be a father would do such things. The worst part was that everyone in her life believed her stepfather was a gracious and caring person. Cora’s mother was not able to help; she was another victim of Cora’s stepfather. They were both dependent on him to get by, and it made Cora feel lonely and hopeless.

Cora was tired of suffering. She was afraid her high school graduation would be in jeopardy. She was terrified to miss the only opportunity she saw in life – education. Cora had always loved learning and felt receiving an education would be her only escape from the prison of abuse.

Cora has been at Boys and Girls Country less than a year. Unlike some other teenagers on campus, she really wanted to be here from day one. She was eager to be loved and safe, and she had been begging God to give her a new life where she was not abused daily. Since the first day Cora arrived here, her smile has not faded. She feels the freedom of being a kid who is loved, cared for and valued for the first time in her life. She is overwhelmed with the support she receives, from her daily needs being met to the opportunities she has at school and finally shining a light on the atrocities committed against her and her mother.

Cora’s senior year of high school was not filled with fear, but with happy memories, new friendships, academic success and color guard experience. She was able to focus on the passion that God has placed in her heart. She graduated high school with a cosmetology license and hair extension certification. Her passion for make-up is her gateway to a successful job after graduation.

Your investment has made this victory possible for Cora. She is no longer a victim of abuse. You helped her break the cycle of pain that would have impeded her success in life. Thanks to you, she has confidence, strength and faith that whatever hardships are ahead she is prepared to face them.

“What is impossible with man is possible with God.” Luke 18:27