First-Generation College Graduate

Tracey came to Boys and Girls Country from a family that was torn apart by drugs. Her family situation did not offer the stability needed to grow into a healthy adult, and she needed to leave that environment to avoid the pitfalls of her parents. Since 2011, BGC has been Tracey’s home.

This summer Tracey is graduating from Texas State University with a B.S. in psychology. This huge achievement makes her a first-generation college graduate. She has always been interested in the sciences, and this milestone feels like a dream coming true.

“I have enjoyed studying science, and I am passionate about helping patients,” shared Tracey.

The college experience was difficult and stressful, admits Tracey. In her five years of higher education, she was able to overcome many challenges with the support of the College & Career program.

“They offered me emotional and spiritual support to get through the tough times. I am thankful for the financial help BGC provided to earn this degree. BGC was my family through all of this,” commented Tracey.

Tracey is looking forward to graduation, even without the normal ceremony. Her next step is to find a job in the medical field so she can gain experience and save money. Her dream is to receive a Medical Lab Technician certification in the next two years so she can advance in the field of microbiology. Tracey is thankful for the amazing years at Texas State University. She enjoyed making new friends and living in San Marcos. She values the opportunities this degree offers her to build a better future. The college experience increased her perseverance and taught her to think outside of the box.