At Boys and Girls Country, through your support, children from families in crisis can live in a loving and nurturing environment as they become self-sustaining and contributing adults.

Just as you have helped plan secure and hopeful futures for the children at Boys and Girls Country, we want to share a resource to plan for your own future: an online tool to write your legal will, at no personal cost.

Estate planning is an important task and an easy way to support the people you love. We share this resource as a way for you to protect your family, get peace of mind and create a plan for your future.

We partnered with FreeWill because it removes the costs associated with writing a will, making estate planning free and accessible for all. In times like these, taking advantage of well-crafted tools can be instrumental in alleviating the pressure of planning for the future. More than 480,000 Americans have used this easy-to-use online platform to write their free wills and protect their loved ones.