Give Hope To Children This Christmas

Originally from the island of Trinidad, Jacob’s mother was abandoned by his father when he was just a baby. When a new man appeared in her life, there was no space for Jacob anymore as her new husband didn’t want to raise somebody else’s child. Just like that, Jacob ended up on the streets of Trinidad at the age of four. Sick and malnourished, he was taken in by a kind woman whom he would grow up to call ‘Auntie.’ Not only did she take him to the hospital and help him get well, but she arranged for his adoption to her family members in the United States.

Life with his adopted family was beautiful. His parents enrolled him in a private school, and they were very involved in church. He remembers a lot of fun times as a family going to amusement parks, on walks and for drives together. However, things took a quick turn when his mom was diagnosed with cancer. The family battled through seven tumultuous years of treatment until she developed an inoperable tumor and passed away.

Jacob was unable to cope with the loss despite his father’s best efforts to help. Instead of grieving, he buried his emotions and started acting out, defying instruction and guidance. His grades deteriorated rapidly, but Jacob didn’t care. When his dad could no longer manage, Jacob was placed at Boys and Girls Country (BGC).

At BGC, Jacob was provided the resources and support needed to learn how to deal with anger. He is grateful for his teaching parent, Mr. Paul, modeling how to be a man and for the fond memories with his cottage family on trips to Needville for dinner and fellowship.

After years of anger and hurt, Jacob learned how to process his emotions and grew closer to God. Through the patience and understanding of teaching parents and mentors, Jacob saw that their relationships with God were genuine, and they truly wanted him to succeed. Jacob was able to restore the relationship with his adoptive father and find peace with all that he endured as a child.

Even when Jacob was alone on the streets of Trinidad as a toddler and suffering in silence after being abandoned by his mother, God saw his future and knew the plans He had to prosper him. We are blessed that his path led him to BGC.

As a College and Career student at BGC, Jacob is a junior at Texas Lutheran University. He has made everyone proud by overcoming his past and fighting hard for his future. “My plans are to graduate with a degree in Rehabilitation Science and Kinesiology with a minor in Psychology. I’ll then get my master’s in Kinesiology, and my goal is to become a physical therapist.” Currently the chapter treasurer of the Alpha Kappa Psi professional business fraternity, Jacob is thriving in school. His positive outlook and hard work ethic will help him achieve his dreams, and he is an inspiration to everyone who knows him.

Without the help of our partners and friends, these dreams would never be a possibility for young men and women like Jacob. At BGC, we help kids who have experienced various forms of trauma. Although their wounds are different and their paths are unique, we provide the love, support and prayer each child needs to thrive as a successful adult.

This Christmas, your generosity can bring peace and joy to the children who desperately need support. Donations of any amount will help us deliver gifts of healing, prayer and a stable home for the children placed at BGC. Please consider giving a one-time or recurring monthly gift today, and be the reason more kids like Jacob can overcome their traumatic pasts and grow up to be successful and optimistic adults.