Giving George a Chance

Like most families, Boys and Girls Country sees potential in every child that calls our campus home.  We pray for them and work hard to ensure that the children in our care have every opportunity to succeed in life…..even if they resist us!

George came to BGC at the age of 13. He was a very stubborn “Texas tough” teenager who resisted direction.  He remembers growing up at BGC extremely bitter, resentful, and very narrow-minded.  He focused his energy on being envious of what other kids had instead what he could do to change his own circumstances.

It was a rough ride but he graduated high school and moved on to the College and Career Campus. Not long after his first year in college, he was discharged from the program because he could not follow the rules.  George spent three years in between jobs and found himself homeless.  Out of desperation, he called Boys and Girls Country and asked for a chance to start over. Like a prodigal son, he was embraced by his BGC family who helped him develop a plan for improvement and accountability.

I remember walking into my new room at the College and Career campus and hitting my knees and thanking God and the universe. I told myself right then and there, I was not going to ruin this opportunity.

Last week we proudly celebrated George’s graduation from Stephen F. Austin State University with a degree in Business Administration. The room was decorated in purple, George’s pictures were posted along the walls, and he was surrounded by his Boys and Girls Country family.  We shared a meal and memories of thanksgiving.  At the end of the evening, George walked outside holding a set of keys to his graduation gift – a new (used) vehicle!

Today George is a proud father and husband who cherishes moments with his family and the opportunities he has been given.  He realizes his story did not start out very positive and credits Boys and Girls Country with getting him on track and standing by him.  George hopes that other kids at BGC will learn from his mistakes. He cannot imagine where he would have been without BGC giving him another chance.