Guess Who Is Moving On?

 “Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and he will establish your plans.” Proverbs 16:3       

The Boys and Girls Country family is extremely proud of our 13 high school graduates this year. This is an accomplishment many of them were not sure would become a reality prior to coming to Boys and Girls Country. Your support truly changes the trajectories of the lives of our children. Please pray for these young adults as they transition to the next phases of their lives.    


I am thrilled to go to Bethel College in Kansas on a scholarship to play football. I had a great experience in high school and tried my hand in different areas. I enjoyed playing football and doing art, and I liked interacting with peers. My dream was to join the Navy until I was offered an opportunity at Bethel. I plan to study communications. I know it is going to be a great experience of growing up and becoming more independent.


My plan is to attend Lone Star College this fall to get an associate’s degree and transfer to Sam Houston State University. I always liked psychology and cannot believe I will be able to study it in college. My teaching parents always told me that I am very observant and a good listener. I hope these skills will help me in the future to become a psychologist and provide counselling for people. I love to make people happy; it’s one of the reasons I was involved in theater in high school. It was a great way to get to know people, study my characters and find new friends.


I am so grateful for BGC and the opportunities I was offered here. I strive to achieve the best results at school as I realize the value of education. It has always provided an escape from bad situations that my family experienced. This fall I am going to Lone Star College, and I am already involved in their CLASS club. I can hardly believe that I will be able to go to college. My goal is to pursue a degree in social work. I hope to help kids from families in crisis from being abused and neglected.


I have always been passionate about football. I loved being on a Waller High School team along with other kids from BGC. Sometimes it is hard for me to stay motivated, but I am extremely grateful to my coaches and teaching parents for not giving up on me. I received a scholarship to play football at Texas Lutheran University and cannot wait to get there. I will pursue a degree in Sports Science and Kinesiology. My dream is to become a trainer.


I really enjoy football, but I knew I had to focus on academics in high school to further my education. My plan is to go to Lone Star College this fall and receive an associate’s degree. The next step will be training to become a State Trooper. I have always been interested in law enforcement, and I feel like this is the most prestigious form of it. Once I get the training, I plan to go back to school and receive a degree in criminal justice. Public service is important, and I hope I will be good at it.


It is hard to believe that I will be able to go to college. I haven’t been the easiest kid to deal with, and given the circumstances I am coming from I did not expect that education would be a possibility in my life. I am very excited I was accepted to Prairie View A&M. My plan is pursue a degree in mechanical engineering. Physics and computer science always fascinated me, which is why I got involved in robotics in high school. I hope to become a leader in taking STEM to the next level. My younger brother lives at BGC as well, and I am excited that I will be close by to stay connected with him.


I am looking forward to attending Wharton County Junior College this fall. During our college visit trip this spring I met their theater director and auditioned for a scholarship. I was blessed to receive a scholarship that covers all the expenses. I am looking forward to becoming independent and going to college. My dream is to work as a theater teacher one day. Once I finish my basics at Wharton I plan to continue my studies at Sam Houston State University. I loved theater in high school, and I really enjoy making people laugh.


I had an amazing experience at Hargrave Military Academy, where I was involved in wrestling and participated in the state tournament in Virginia. BGC helped me achieve that dream and overcome my anxiety. I knew that school would be great for me as I thrive in structure. I received a scholarship to go to Marion Military Institute where I will be getting my basics. My dream is to become an officer in the military.


Since I have been in the United States less than two years, it has been challenging to get better at school. But I was able to overcome my language barrier thanks to Ms. Kristi, our tutors at BGC and through services at school. I am going to Lone Star College this fall to get my basics done. My dream is to transfer to Prairie View A&M to pursue a degree in nursing. I want to take care of others because I have had so many people caring for me and providing support when I needed it most.


I had a vision to play football in college for a long time, and thankfully it is happening. I am grateful for my teaching parents and coaches who encouraged me and helped me stay focused on the goal. Thanks to all the hard work, I received a scholarship to go Texas Lutheran University. I cannot wait to start school this fall. My dream is to become a high school football coach. I will miss our high school team but I know there is a new journey ahead.


I am going to Lone Star College to join their nursing program. I was able to complete Waller High School CNA program this spring, and it was a great experience. During our clinicals I was able to help a lot of elderly people, connect with them and provide comfort for people in need. It prepared me to become independent and see the value behind my skills. I was offered a job before I even graduated high school. I am passionate about helping people, and I cannot wait to get my nursing degree.


My dream is to go to Blinn College and study human services. People always say that I am a very good self-advocate. I had to work hard to develop my independent living skills and meet the requirements to be able to go to Blinn. My next step will be going to Texas State University and working toward a bachelor’s degree. I am not sure what my major will be yet, but I am determined to pursue an education that will give me skills to help people.


I am looking forward to going to Lone Star College this year. Thanks to the courses I took in high school, I will be able to finish my associate’s degree in one year instead of two. My next step will be going to Texas A&M to pursue studies in the medical field, hopefully to become a pediatrician one day. It was important for me to get my EMT certification in high school so that I could work while going to college. I am looking forward to the experience of helping others.