Stories of Success From Our Young Adults

Sending our kids back to school is an exciting time. Six of our children graduated from high school in May. All of them are on their way to further education!

In August, we had a dinner party at our College and Career campus for the college kids to share a meal before the new school year. It was a great time of fellowship with several friends from First Baptist Church – Cypress and Christ Family Church who joined us to pray over the students. This time of transitioning into adulthood comes with some anxiety, but we know God has special plans for our children.

Over the summer Carla and Jessica participated in dental assistant programs. They were eager to put their free time to good use. Currently, both of them work while attending classes. Jessica was promoted to an assistant manager at Subway. After passing her Dental Assistant Certification test, Carla was immediately hired by a local dental and orthodontic office in Copperfield. They enjoyed their experiences, made important connections and gained valuable communications skills.

Robert received a very warm welcome at Oklahoma Christian University (OCU). His move-in day was full of fun and new friendships. We are so excited to see him grow in a new community. Robert was awarded a $32,000 scholarship to attend OCU, in addition to other scholarships he received. We know he has a bright future ahead of him as he pursues a career in the medical field.

Kelly currently holds a full-time job at a daycare center while pursuing full-time school. Kelly has one more year of classes at Lone Star College before she transfers to a 4-year university. She is excited to pursue a degree in wedding and event planning.

We are pleased to announce that Morgan, Naidi and Tracey were awarded $7,500 J.A. Knowles Scholarships for the 2018-2019 school year. Also, Korin received a scholarship from Interlinc Foundation for $4,000 towards her first year in college. These scholarships can be renewed every year if our young adults continue to maintain academic excellence. Please pray that they have exciting college experiences and keep up the good grades!

Cameron and Dora were excited to be at Oklahoma Christian University’s honors academy this summer! They both attended a Spanish immersion course. In addition, Cameron took a forensic science class, and Dora took a cellular biology class. We are blessed to have educational partners like OCU!

Please pray for our children as they transition into college life.