Mark King, Volunteer

I continue to give because I know BGC is an opportunity for kids from crisis situations to experience a Christian environment. I feel it is very important for all kids to know that God loves them even in crisis situations and want to support BGC to provide the Christian environment.

Aileen Kirkham, Library Volunteer

I give to Boys and Girls Country in memory of my dad, Gene Gardner, and his brother, Wiley. My dad was 10 when his mom died. Due to his father’s negligence, they were forced to move to a variety of places. If there would have been a faith-based oasis of caring like Boys and Girls Country then, he and his brother would have had much happier childhoods. Not only do I donate to Boys and Girls County, I volunteer. I get to witness the need for this oasis every week. I have donated for over 20 years and will continue to do so. I hope you will, too!

Bill Way, Board Director

I passionately support BGC because I have seen first-hand how all of the amazing staff are molding and shaping our young people into confident, capable and God-loving young adults who courageously step forward and leverage the resources and gifts so generously donated to BGC in order to become productive and contributing members of our community, all made possible by the grace of God. God Bless BGC!

Mike Gatewood, Board Director

We give in the hope and with the belief that the kids touched by Boys and Girls Country will grow to no longer need anyone’s gifts but will become givers and nurture their own family of givers. And time after time, our hope is fulfilled and our belief validated. How could anything bring greater joy or our resources be better spent?

Steve Stephens, Board Director

I continue to support BGC because I have witnessed the changed lives of youth and selfless contribution of staff and community for over 20 years. This can only happen through the special grace God provides to Boys and Girls Country.