Why Boys and Girls Country?

Boys and Girls Country is a licensed residential home for children (ages 5-18) and young adults (ages 18 – 25) based in Hockley, TX.  Boys and Girls Country addresses a child’s well-being, helping to break the cycle of poverty for our children by providing a secure, stable, Christian home environment with an emphasis on education, building healthy relationships, and setting goals for the future. We do this with broad-based financial support, hundreds of volunteers, and the prayers of thousands.


Boys and Girls Country is not a children’s shelter and our care is not temporary. The average stay of a child in our home is three years, but many stay here longer or grow up here.

Spiritual Guidance

Christian foundation is the core of our program. Each cottage attends a local church as a family where they participate in Sunday worship services, Bible study classes, youth groups, Vacation Bible School, mission trips, and other church activities. Our Teaching Parents pray with their children and lead family Bible studies. Many kids come to know Christ while at our home, and others develop a deeper faith.

Home and Family

The Boys and Girls Country program is made up of a network of cottage families and an extended Christian neighborhood that supports our children as they learn and grow provides them with educational and emotional support, holds them accountable to their peers and the greater community, and encourages them to dream and achieve goals. At Boys and Girls Country, Teaching Parents are the heart of our family. They step in as parents for our children, helping the kids get ready for school, preparing breakfast, leading a daily devotion, preparing and serving dinner, helping students with homework, and so much more.


Many of our kids come to Boys and Girls Country without ever having received consistent dental and medical care. Every child in our home receives required immunizations, twice-yearly dental visits, and routine check-ups, as well as any emergent or special medical or dental attention needed. Many of the children who come to Boys and Girls Country have suffered from abuse, neglect, loss, or other emotional trauma as well. Staff at Boys and Girls Country closely monitors the emotional health of each of our children.


After family and God, education is one of the most emphasized values at Boys and Girls Country. Our students attend public schools in the acclaimed Waller Independent School District. Children are tested at intake to determine the educational level and to identify any special learning needs. Educational deficits and challenges are addressed through after school tutoring and remediation through our Education Lab, which is open 560 hours over the school year. Children work with tutors individually or in small groups.

Many of our tutors volunteer their time, but we also maintain a team of contract tutors who are trained in special education, Spanish, reading, and math. In addition to the Ed Lab, volunteer tutors are available in each cottage for after school homework help and tutoring.

Recreation and Enrichment

Kids at Boys and Girls Country are encouraged to participate in sports, performing arts, and enrichment programs through public school and on-campus activities. Various activities and events are held year-round at the Penny Loyd Student Life Center, where students can enjoy a variety of recreation options such as sports clinics, music lessons, art classes, and acting lessons.

College and Career

In most residential programs, when a child turns 18 and graduates from high school, they are on their own. However, we know becoming an adult does not happen overnight. It is a process, and the first few years after high school are a critical time of transition for every young adult. In 1997, we established our College and Career program, giving Boys and Girls Country the capacity to support high school graduates until they are independent adults. The College and Career program provides our young adults the opportunity to obtain a college degree or technical certificate, enter the military or begin their first job. Through grants and scholarships, students can begin their independent lives debt-free.