Why Do Kids In Houston Need Help?

Children need love and nurturing to thrive, and they need food, clothing, shelter, healthcare and education to grow up and become contributing adults.  Hunger, abuse and neglect all have a negative effect on children and can impede their chances of personal success.

Last year, Boys and Girls Country received 1,750 calls for help.  Most came from single parents who were seeking our support for several reasons:

1) Difficulty providing basic care

2) Abuse and neglect

3) Difficulty providing supervision

4) Difficulty resolving children’s behavior issues

Children come to us from Greater Houston and its surrounding counties, with the majority coming from Harris County. More than 90% of the children who come to Boys and Girls Country are from families living in poverty.

Boys and Girls Country addresses a child’s well-being, helping to break the cycle of poverty for our children by providing a secure, stable, Christian home environment with an emphasis on education, building healthy relationships, and setting goals for the future.