Why Do You Give? Special #GivingTuesday Post

2017 #GT Lock Up_0.jpg You have been treated generously, so live generously. Matthew 10:8

After a weekend of shopping and looking for the best deals, we are all ready to slow down and enjoy the Christmas season. It’s a time to celebrate our blessings and share with others. Today we ask you to think about the organizations making a difference in your community and prayerfully consider making a donation towards life-changing efforts.  Some of our key leaders shared why they give to Boys and Girls Country. We hope you enjoy reading about their giving experiences. 

I continue to support BGC because I have witnessed the changed lives of youth and selfless contribution of staff and community for over 20 years. This can only happen through the special grace God provides to Boys and Girls Country. Steve Stephens, Board Director

We give in the hope and with the belief that the kids touched by Boys and Girls Country will grow to no longer need anyone’s gifts but will become givers and nurture their own family of givers.  And time after time, our hope is fulfilled and our belief validated – how could anything bring greater joy or our resources be better spent? Mike Gatewood, Board Director

I passionately support BGC because I have seen first-hand how all of the amazing staff are molding and shaping our young people into confident, capable and God-loving young adults who courageously step forward and leverage the resources and gifts so generously donated to BGC in order to become productive and contributing members of our community, all made possible by the grace of God.  God Bless BGC!  Bill Way, Board Director

I give to Boys and Girls Country in memory of my dad, Gene Gardner and his brother, Wiley. My dad was 10 when his mom died. Due to his father’s negligence, they were forced to move to a variety of places. If there would have been a faith-based oasis of caring like Boys and Girls Country then, he and his brother would have had much happier childhoods. Not only do I donate to Boys and Girls County, I volunteer.  I get to witness the need for this oasis every week. I have donated for over 20 years and will continue to do so. I hope you will, too! Aileen Kirkham, Library Volunteer

I think Boys and Girls Country contributes an invaluable service for our most precious resource, children!  BGC helps not just people in need but those who are innocent and can’t otherwise help themselves.  This should be our first priority.  I trust BGC to be good stewards of their donors’ contributions and appreciate the fact the source of income is private and the program cannot be dictated by outside corporate policies and beliefs.  The Christian-based program is also a crucial part of why we give, since this is, in my opinion, foundational to the well-being of every individual.  Kim McCoy, Volunteer

I contribute to organizations that I believe will make a difference.  Jim Allen, Boys and Girls Country CFO

I give to the staff annual fund because I have been able to see children’s lives changed forever through Boys and Girls Country. Teri Medina, former Director of Education and College & Career

Here is how I came to give to BGC:

I am blessed with a good job and want to share with others.

  1. My company has a matching gifts program and I wanted to take advantage of it to double my gifts.
  2. Someone at my company (maybe Donna Boyer) was able to get BGC on the list of charities that my companies will match.
  3. The procurement group at Marathon held a bake sale for BGC at our office and after learning about BGC I decided to give to BGC.

I continue to give because I know BGC is an opportunity for kids from crisis situations to experience a Christian environment. I feel it is very important for all kids to know that God loves them even in crisis situations and want to support BGC to provide the Christian environment.  Mark King, Volunteer

I give to (and work at) Boys and Girls Country because I believe in the mission, plain and simple.  For me, it is ESSENTIAL that I believe in what I am doing.  This is what I was called to do, and I firmly believe that if I’m going to ask others to support our work, I should be “first in” with my support.  Melissa Simon, Boys and Girls Country’s former Director of Development

On this #GivingTuesday, will you make a gift to support Boys and Girls Country and give kids a safe, loving Christian home? Your gift in any amount makes a difference in the lives of children. Thank you!