Will Overall Scores Birdies for BGC Kids

Travis and Kim Overall are dedicated to making sure the BGC kids have a safe, stable and loving home. Travis is a board director, and he and Kim have been donors for close to 15 years. In addition, their family has attended events like Spring Festival and the Heritage Award Dinner.

Now, the next generation in the Overall family is supporting the BGC mission. Will Overall, Travis and Kim’s son, is a busy high school student who has very little time to volunteer. His time is consumed with school and golf tournaments; he has been mastering his golf skills since a very young age. Will has a passion to give back and wants to find ways to make a difference. Last year Will decided to combine his two passions to support the BGC kids.

Will created Birdies for Boys and Girls Country.  He reached out to family and friends and asked them to pledge a dollar amount for every birdie he made during his school and summer tournament season. Will played in a total of 14 tournaments. He had anywhere from a $5 pledge to a $100 pledge on the line every time he lined up a birdie putt.  He made 48 birdies in total. Each tournament made Will more and more motivated as he realized every birdie made a difference in the lives of kids from families in crisis. Will’s determination, hard work, and commitment paid off; he raised $26,761 for Boys and Girls Country!  (More donations were received after the check for $25,731 was presented!)

Not only did Will play his heart out in his favorite sport, but he has made an incredible difference in the lives of more than 100 children! Will is excited about the upcoming season because he has recruited 17 of his teammates to participate in Birdies for Boys and Girls Country. They are determined to reach their goal of $100,000.

Will’s commitment impressed everyone at Boys and Girls Country. It is amazing to see God work through him and empower others as well. Kim shared that she and her husband are incredibly proud of their son and the impact he was able to make.  She said the best part was that Will was so independent and driven that the fundraiser did not require any help from her.

If you’d like to be a part of Will’s mission-driven golf season, please email him at overallwill@gmail.com.