The Boys and Girls Country Endowment was created solely to support, encourage and assist the mission of the Home by providing periodic financial assistance to the on-going operations and development of Boys and Girls Country. Since its inception in 1986, the Endowment has grown to over $16 million. The Endowment is a non-profit IRS Section 501(c)(3) charity incorporated in the State of Texas.

It is also a fund that provides a vehicle for you—our friends and supporters—to make a lasting gift to a specific program or area of service close to your heart. Only the earnings are used from the designated endowment fund. A gift made in this way will fund these special programs forever, leaving a lasting legacy to our Home and our children.

To make a gift to the Endowment, you can send a check or contribute online using a credit card at our secure donation page. Just specify “Endowment” under the program choices. It is easy to arrange for a future gift to Boys and Girls Country by remembering the endowment in your will or trust.

You can leave your legacy through:

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Designate your Endowment Fund gift here or reach out to our development department to discuss how you can contribute.

Board of Trustees

  • Randy Stilley, Chair
  • Matthew P. Rotan, President
  • Nathan Stedham, Secretary
  • Michael Bennett, Endowment Fund Board Director
  • H. Scott Galloway, BGC Board Chair
  • Mike Gatewood, Endowment Fund Board Director
  • Todd Linden, Endowment Fund Board Director
  • Robert Marling, Endowment Fund Board Director
  • Mark Slaughter, Endowment Fund Board Director
  • Steve Stephens, Endowment Fund Board Director
  • Randy Hale, Endowment Fund Board of Directors

Staff Representatives

  • Jim Allen, Chief Financial Officer
  • Vincent Duran, Chief Executive Officer
  • Kristin Burch, Chief Development Officer

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