Place a Child

Boys and Girls Country provides a Christian home – a place to live for a few years, or a place to grow up – for 48 boys and 40 girls, ages 5 to 18, a total of 88 children at any one time. Children are not candidates for adoption, though many sibling groups get the chance to grow up together at our Home. Children typically are able to attend public school and can function in a family environment.

Boys and Girls Country helps families (mothers, fathers, grandparents, guardians) who realize they need help in raising their children. Families are often in conflict; they face issues ranging from alcohol or drug abuse, violence, serious illness, abuse, incarceration, abandonment, or the death of a family member. They need help, but their children are not in the custody of the state, and they do not have money for places that require expensive fees or tuition.

The family situation requires time apart for the child and family member in order for the child to be safe, to get the most from school, and to grow up. Children often grow in their love and appreciation for family members while they live at Boys and Girls Country, and family members learn how to better love and care for their children.

Boys and Girls Country focuses on education; most students are two to three years behind their peers in school. We are also committed to long-term success for our graduates, so they will be both self-supporting and contributing to their communities as adults. Therefore, we do request long-term placement for children and teens. Historically, some children return to a family member after two or three years, but many make the choice to remain, graduate from high school, and enter the College and Career program.

Whatever the reason children come, we are committed to fulfilling our ministry of providing a Christian home. No child is turned away because of race, sex, religion, national origin, or because their family does not have money to pay for care.

If you have a child — or know a child — who needs to live at Boys and Girls Country, contact us at 281-351-4976. For more information and a paper application, send an email to, or or click here to download an Intake Application.

Read Frequently Asked Questions here.

Please note while we may consider applications for children from outside of Houston, Texas and the surrounding areas, our top priority is to serve children in the local community.