Tania Achieves Her Goal

Tania recently passed her Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam (PTCE) while enrolled at Waller High School full-time.

After obtaining her Certified Medical Assistant (CMA) certificate last year, a teacher from her Health Science Program at school encouraged Tania to pursue her Pharmacy Technician Certification. This encouragement came after Tania’s teacher observed her strong work ethic and extensive knowledge in the medical field.

It required five months of studying and memorization of over 200 pharmaceutical and generic brand names, but Tania passed her exam with flying colors!

She is currently finishing her senior year of high school and will graduate this May. Tania has been accepted to Texas Tech University and plans to enroll in their pre-medicine program in the fall. She intends to work as a pharmacy technician as she pursues her dream of attending medical school. Her dream is to become a medical doctor and travel with a humanitarian organization like Doctors Without Borders to provide life-saving care to communities around the globe.

This young lady became a part of our family nearly two years ago, and it was evident from the moment she arrived that she was destined for great achievements. We cannot wait to see the blessings that come her way as she takes the next step into adulthood, and we will be there to support her every step of the way.